Manager's Console

Tenant Social makes it easy for you to be in control. Although our team provides you with interesting and localized content, we give you the opportunity to customize your own. With our Manager’s console being a user friendly interface, you can view our database of content as well as check the upcoming schedule of your social media posts. If you like what you see, then just leave it up to us to get the rest of the job done.

Another great feature of the console is the ability to manage everything you need into one system. Need to check your leads? Manage the postings of your properties? Well, we have got some good news for you. We provide all of this information to you and in turn, save you the time and effort you could be wasting by going through multiple third party sites. There are also the added features of checking your content analytics and special applications for manager use only. For managers on the go, we provide a mobile friendly interface that makes it simple to use and removes the hassle of having to scramble to the nearest computer.

Reputation Management

Let’s face it, your reputation is important. Not only can it determine the “rentability” of your property for prospective tenants, but also, no one wants a bad memory associated with their brand. That’s why you can count on us to manage all of these deciding factors. The main focus for our reputation management would be on social media. This means, everything from your content to your comments will be accounted for. We will monitor the engagement and track any mentions of your property. In addition, any negative reviews will be taken care of. Let us take some weight off your back.


Good customer service is key for a reputable company. Because of this fact, many brands are jumping aboard to show just how much they care via social media platforms. Now, tweeting your problems has become a norm! But let Tenant Social take you a step further towards innovation.
With our technology, we provide you with the opportunity to be in touch with who ever you need to be in any emergency. In the hypothetical case that a tenant may need to contact you for a bursting pipe, our technology provides them with a fast and easy alternative. At the end of it all, you remain undisturbed while your tenant’s problems are solved. More accessible and easy to use technology provided to you, in the palm of your hands.

Customized Apps

Tenant Social does so much more than providing a communal experience amongst your tenants, we also make it easier for them to find the necessary information they need for a happy and safe lifestyle. Exclusively available on our site, we provide tenants and prospects with the equal opportunity to thoroughly scope out their neighborhood. These applications can answer all of the much needed questions your tenants/prospects may have and can save your managers the effort. Some of the app capabilities that we provide include:

  • Search for rental properties
  • Rent specials/Check availability
  • Find Schools Nearby
  • Fair market rent Prices
  • Maintenance

Distribution Partner with

Our affiliation with gives you an opportunity to monitor your social media presence and capture leads all within the same console. Our main objective in this collaboration is to provide you with a more efficient way to increase the volume of higher quality and more qualified leads. We also aim to bridge the gap between your social media presence and our nationwide listing service. This collaboration allows your community to get greater lead access and monitoring from:

  • Phone/Email Leads
  • Residential Referral Leads
  • Pre-application Leads
  • Apply Now Leads
  • Public Housing Agency Leads

We Work Hard So You Don't Have To

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