“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” – Seth Godin

Gone are the days when the straight to the point method of hard selling reigned the marketing and advertising fields. People no longer want to buy products, they want to buy an emotional connection. In a way, they yearn for it. It sounds simple enough, but even the most well known companies have taken years to perfect their practice. Let us first observe one of America’s
most beloved companies: Coca-Cola. Sure, the taste is great and the shape is memorable. Essentially, it is a good product in itself. But even then, many companies don’t succeed just because it’s good. They succeed because of good marketing, and even that’s an understatement. When you take a sip of Coke on a hot day, what do you think of? Quenching your thirst right? If you really think about it, any cold drink could do the same so why did you reach for that Coke? Maybe it’s habit. Maybe when you were a child, your mother used to serve you that refreshing bottle of pop on a blistering hot day of playing out on the sun. You may have even seen your grandparents joining in with you. To put it plainly, it’s about an emotional
connection that you have developed over the years. CocaCola does a really good job of tapping into your memories and harnessing that nostalgia to create a sense of community and understanding. In a sense, they want you to feel like they’ve always been by your side and always will be. They are telling you the same story they’ve told your grandparents, your parents and now you. It’s convincing, heartfelt and absolutely effective. Now, it’s your turn. How will you tell your story?

Some Things to Consider:

Be Genuine 

You started your company for a reason right? Why did you do it, you don’t have to follow Coca-Cola’s steps. Every company is unique.

Make Them Feel

Emotion is important. Most often, people buy things on whim because it made them feel something. Whether that’s happiness, compassion, or excitement, it’s really up for you to decide
the type of feelings you’re trying to evoke.

Take Advantage of Social Media 

Social media is the biggest marketing platform right now and it’s (basically) free. Take advantage of it and tell your story to as many different audiences as possible. It will
really get your name out there.


Your customers are your audience, and sometimes you need to let them in on things. Let them ask you questions and comment about your ideas. Sometimes, crowd sourcing can help you succeed and you’ll also be able to gain their trust.

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